Hi, I’m Andrea(or Andre, Andy and once An):

I am a highly determined, efficient, and adaptable individual with a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics from the University of Texas Permian Basin.

With a keen focus on achieving goals, managing multiple tasks effectively, and overcoming obstacles with resilience and commitment to success, I've led my professional journey. Currently at AmeriCorps specializing in Tech Development across Miami, FL, I am committed to leveraging technology for community impact. I thrive on refining my skills, transforming creative ideas into logical instructions. Guided by a passion for making a positive impact on others and the environment, my encounters with diverse perspectives have deepened my fascination for science and technology. Let's collaborate to create meaningful change together!

Skills and Tools: • Proficient: Python, Java, SQL, R, HTML/CSS, PHP • Novice: JS and C/C++, SAS • Tools: Git/Github, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Jupyter, Visual Studio, RStudio, Figma, Tableau, Power BI, Azure, Docker, Flask, Adobe Creative Cloud, Eclipse, Ubuntu/Shell, FileZilla, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace • Currently pursuing certifications in Power BI and Azure, aiming to elevate my proficiency and stay updated on the latest advancements in these technologies

Specific areas of interest include Data Engineering, Data Visualization and Machine Learning

Beyond technology, I am passionate about Food & Culture, Art, Nature, and Travel.

In my spare time, I love creating art, writing stories, wandering the outdoors(travelling), and watching anime/animated series. I also enjoy reading(check out what I am reading now)


Only a couple of cool projects right now, but more coming soon...
See all open-source projects on Github.


EDA: Machine Learning Adoption Across Industries

Analyzing Factors and Impact Across Sectors.

EDA: Emigration Patterns of U.S. Citizens

Exploring the Impact of Brain Drain on the United States and Destination Countries

EDA: 120 Years of Olympics History

Analysing Trends, Participation Metrics, and Future Considerations

EDA: COVID19s Influence on Real Estate

Understanding Property Prices: From Macro to Micro

EDA: Historical Analysis and Future Predictions of Gold Prices

Understanding Trends, Volatility, and Influencing Factors

EDA: Air Quality Disparities

Exploring trends over time of developed and developing countries


WIP, a program to play Shogi (Japanese Chess).


Simple chatbot meant to assist during natural disasters.


This program calculates the shortest path between two points.


Provides a patient registration functionality and various other features.

This Site

Just a simple site for some virtual presence.


Web Scraping. Analyze specific area of interest, and develop case study.