(This is a now page, where I write things that I’d tell a friend I hadn’t seen in a year.)

personal brand

I am developing a personal brand to share with others how do I get my feeling of importance, what are my beliefs and values, and my expertise. Part of that effort will be to keep improving this website over the coming weeks and months.


Do any of you have trouble remembering good memories? My mom is a storyteller, and everyone that meets her is fascinated with her stories. I, however, have a hard time sharing my stories and can’t seem to remember stories that I am present in. As I meet with my 20s, I would like to explore how stories are shared within cultures and families to better understand my childhood and my relationship with the present.


As for specific learning goals, I’m trying to improve my frontend web development skills and my UI/UX design skills. I am currently familiarizing myself with Figma and the UX Maturity model.


Animation(that is cartoons and anime) brought me comfort and stability in times of uncertainty.
Learning Three.js and Blender is how I would like to honor that. I am currently enrolled in Three.js Journey1 and curious how these all would interact in the area of Web Accessibility.

currently reading

Dune, Book 1 by Frank Herbert
Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Cute CAT Wondering why my cat is suddenly fascinated with lamps.

If my activities and interests change, I will update this page.

  1. I’m appreciating Bruno’s teaching method. ↩︎